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Magical Tools to Support Activism

When I worked as an activist I used magic to support and sustain my work. Here are a couple of tools that are helpful, especially in cleansing or protecting yourself while doing activism. Setting the Space Setting the space can be very helpful, especially if you are going into a difficult place. I used to […]

Healing Oppression

When I worked in ending violence against women our cardinal rule was not to replicate the abuser. We tried to correct power imbalances by all the staff doing menial work and never telling women what they should do. I consider binding (where you bind or prevent an offender from doing harm) to be a tool […]

Dragon Dinners

In Reclaiming we have had magical spell working with the Red Dragon. I am afraid I do not know the name of who brought it, but it was originally a spell to cure HIV and aids. It later came to include other blood disorders like hepatitis.  We would come together dressed in red, eating red […]

Magic with Fairies & Allies

My heart leaped when I heard Orion Foxwood *say,”Lordy they have no idea what they are up against”. He was referring to the oppressive systems and forms of government that seem to be winning, and to the vast networks of mysterious ones, allies, ancestors, mighty dead, fairies, witches, beings that work with us. While magic […]

Daily Practice

Daily practice is critical, powerful and more easy than you think. I do it every day. On busy days I do it at bus stops, on buses, waiting in line, in bed before I fall asleep. There are so many little spaces in between. It gives you practice for grounding and meditating in busy spaces. […]

Do It Anyways: Don’t Wait

One of the things I really like about Reclaiming is that anyone can offer anything. I have done this often. We have networks to put it out. Even if you are not part of Reclaiming you can still initiate magic and put it out for others to join. I am doing it so I commit […]

Visioning vs Fixing Bent Nails

We must respond to injustice and oppression, but we can waste our time and energy trying to fix bent nails. By this, I mean trying to fix systems that are broken. Our bureaucracies and organizations are established in ways that protect the status quo. Systems and organizations create their own group entity that takes on […]

Magical Activism

When I came into Reclaiming in the late 80’s. I’d already worked in transition houses for many years. I liked the political focus of Reclaiming. It fit with my life and my passion for social justice, and as a feminist, I felt I was connected to the witches of the burning times who I imagined […]