Tools for Activism

Magical Tools to Support Activism

When I worked as an activist I used magic to support and sustain my work. Here are a couple of tools that are helpful, especially in cleansing or protecting yourself while doing activism.

Setting the Space

Setting the space can be very helpful, especially if you are going into a difficult place. I used to go to a lot of hard meetings as an advocate, many in the police department. I found it made a big difference to set the space. People would even comment about how different the room felt after not knowing that I was setting the energy. You can set the space in advance by setting the space before you arrive, you can do it quickly in just a few moments when entering a room with your eyes open and no one will notice, or you can take your time, close your eyes and do it as a  meditation. It is probably good to practice with the latter so you are able to quickly set the space as needed. Here is an outline.

  • Ground, send a cord/root down to the centre and back up to the heavens. You can do this quickly- down, up, done.
  • Then send a cord like a vine from your foot and crown to a corner of the room, then quickly ground the cord in the corner, down, up. Continue on to each corner, making a circle and sending out a cord & grounding it in each corner.
  • Imagine a net. Pull the net through the room from the ground up through the roof releasing into the sunlight which dissolves negative energy. You’ll feel the weight as you do this. Pull the net through as many times as needed, 3 is not uncommon, it will feel lighter.

Fill the room with a sparkling shower of the present time, to set the place in present time without old stuff clogging it.

  • Bring in whatever qualities you need/want, clarity, safety, kindness. 3 is not uncommon.
  • You can continue & do the same for the building if you have time.

There is no need to break it down when you leave. More than one person can do this. It’s sending your energy out to fill the room and claiming your place. It doesn’t prevent others from having their place. It sets the energy with what you need, like opening a window if it’s stuffy.