Magic with Fairies & Allies

My heart leaped when I heard Orion Foxwood *say,”Lordy they have no idea what they are up against”. He was referring to the oppressive systems and forms of government that seem to be winning, and to the vast networks of mysterious ones, allies, ancestors, mighty dead, fairies, witches, beings that work with us. While magic is easily dismissed it is powerful. It made me think of Lord of the Rings when Aragorn awakens the ghost army fight alongside him. We have powerful connections and alliances with forces. We are not alone in this work.

Fairy Tea

I love the Fairy Congress and have gone for 10 years. Several years ago while at the Congress I got a message from the fairies. They said it was all very well for us magic working humans to gather together at retreats to sustain ourselves, but now it was time to take it out into the world for others to see. I had noticed that the Congress was beginning to have precarious circumstances around location and space for holding the event and people who had been many times were losing their way and having trouble finding the place. It was almost as if it was becoming harder to do to force us out into the world. I wonder about the same thing at Witch Camp as it becomes harder to sustain. Are there forces at bay?  Since I received this message I have heard others at the Congress say they are getting similar messages.

That was how the Fairy Tea began. I decided to do magic in collaboration with fairies. For 13 months I held a Fairy Tea, same time, same place and put it out for whoever wanted to show up. Sometimes someone came, sometimes I was on my own. I bought a little 3 tiered plate for dainties and made an altar of my tea.setting. We or I would cast, create sacred space, invite the fairies, offer them a nice cup of tea and sweets, listen to the fairies and do magic together.

One of my favorite teas a friend came back with me from the Fairy Congress. We opened the Statue of Liberty as a fairy portal. For me, she is the Star Goddess and I am obsessed with her.  I was partly inspired by a workshop at the Congress some years before by RJ Stewart. He said that John Dee had done magic with Queen Elizabeth and many of the crowns of Europe making them a portal between the stars and fairy. I thought here is a network of magic already set up that we can tap into. Later when I heard the news the day we opened the fairy portal was the day they had to close down the statue because a woman of colour activist climbed the statue to bring attention to the reality that there isn’t liberty for all. The police had a real hard time catching her.

The next month we opened Starbucks as a fairy portal. To me, she is another representation of the Star Goddess. We have gods all around us and yet we do not notice. I have the notation we could create islands of magical resonance and then join them together with paths and then fill in the spaces so everything hums with immanence.

Of course, everything is sacred but in the business of our culture and lives, we miss it. I used to go to a group with Christian Hermatists. Writer Robert Powel is a PhD Babaolnian Astrologer who would come once a year. One evening after his talk we were in the parking lot looking up at the stars. He said when you look at a star it feels it and looks back at you. I literally could feel the shift, the star’s consciousness coming back to meet me. This is what I mean by creating islands of resonance and immanence. As we become conscious of these spaces the land becomes conscious of us,  it begins to hum and others can begin to pick up on the resonance. It becomes easier to connect with these places. It is much like giving conscious attention to someone, a child, or an animal. You can see them perk up. Over time someone who has consistently experienced being seen walks in the world differently. The same is true of all beings.

My art began to express the fairy teas in this picture of Starbucks and the Statue of Liberty having tea. On the table is a bouquet of dandelions which I paint often as a remedy for healing as a friend told me they will grow where other things won’t and heal the earth. I also like that you can make wishes with them. The carrots growing through and cracking the checkered floor is a reference to Trump.  Really a painting can be much like a magic spell, instead of adding herbs and stones to a bag or carving a candle and rubbing it with oil you are painting symbols on paper. It is really very similar.

The Fairy Tea - by Bramble

The Fairy Tea – by Bramble