Open Coven

Do It Anyways: Don’t Wait

One of the things I really like about Reclaiming is that anyone can offer anything. I have done this often. We have networks to put it out. Even if you are not part of Reclaiming you can still initiate magic and put it out for others to join. I am doing it so I commit to the work, whether or not anyone else shows up. I do it anyway, on my own when no one comes. I don’t like the whole glamour, group clique thing so I just put it out without any urging or trying to make it special. It becomes just my offering. Then I do it.

For example, I began an Open Coven because it is hard for new people to find a coven. I committed to 22 covens following the major arcane for almost 2 years. Sometimes people came and sometimes no one did. I did the magic anyways.  Another time Witch Camp was canceled and an invitation-only camp was created. I joined, Lilly, Beet, Fox, Skyheart, Allyson, and Pat to create Pheonix Camp, where everyone came together for a camp and created our own magic and ritual. I recommend if you feel the call to do something, just do it.  Commit to work.