2023 Intention

We bring our witches’ flame to Bridgid’s healing well. We are tempered to make magic for the sovereignty of the land.

2023 Story

Brigid, Lady of the Flame, Keeper of the Well, Priestess of the Forge. Your song called forth the older-than-old-ones when the Earth dreamed of Beauty. You heard the voice of the people when they cried out for the land and the voice of the land when it cried out to the people. Brigid, you have been with us through the ages, sovereign and bright. Brigid, you persisted in the face of great peril and spread your mantle in every direction for the sake of the sacred.

Brigid, you know the magic of the threshold and we call to you in this threshold time.

Brigid, we carry our witches’ flame to your healing well.

Brigid, as we tell a story of your green mantle, we are tempered to make magic for the sovereignty of the land.

2020 Intention

Guided by lineage, we journey through Baba Yaga’s dark forest to learn world-changing magic. We carry forth the witch’s healing flame.

2020 Story

Follow along as the story of Baba Yaga and our inspiration for this years’ camp unfolds…

2019 Intention

In the sweet depths of mycelial connection, we remember we belong. We call ourselves back into relationship with each other, our ancestors, the land, and all of our relatives.

2019 Story

Over 4 billion years ago, in a black mirror of what was not yet space as we recognize it, primordial protons and neutrons met. They collided. They created a tone, and this tone is the very first sound. The collision created a vibration, and out of this vibration, there was a luminous mist that turned into isles of light. Before stars, before celestial bodies, this first vibration initiated the universe into existence. When this light and vibration expanded, these were the birth of the first wavelengths. Every vibration since that moment is an echo of that moment.

2018 Intention

We Listen

2018 Story: The Story of the Land

This is a land formed by fire and ice. Volcanoes and glaciers are the artists of this place where we stand, this beauty that we eat, make love upon and on whom we rest. This is a land formed by the animals and the green ones.

We open ourselves to the forces that formed this land: to fire and ice, to time and to the knowing that lives within every interconnected cell.

But first, we witness. We listen. We learn. We grow. We dance…

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