Dragon Dinners

In Reclaiming we have had magical spell working with the Red Dragon. I am afraid I do not know the name of who brought it, but it was originally a spell to cure HIV and aids. It later came to include other blood disorders like hepatitis.  We would come together dressed in red, eating red food and drinking red drink. Sacred space would be created and the Red Dragon was invoked. Throughout the meal, people would randomly stand and toast the Red Dragon. “Here’s to the Red Dragon, long live the living blood of the Red Dragon”. Sometimes while toasting someone would stand and toast a loved one suffering from a blood disorder and the Red Dragon. I attended several Red Dragon dinners at camp and hosted several in my home.

I have been collecting blue dishes because I am called to a similar piece of magic. I want to have a Blue Dragon Dinner. I imagine wearing blue, and eating food from the sea and toasting with water. I feel the world’s nervous system is shot and we need to calm the “fuck” down. You can feel the edginess on the street and see it in the news. There are so many disorders of the nervous system. I have fibromyalgia and chronic pain, my sister and so many people I know have Parkinson’s. I and others are so easily triggered when that happens my entire nervous system crashes and I can’t function for days. I plan to have a Blue Dragon dinner in the near future to calm our nervous systems down.