Daily Practice

Daily Practice

Daily practice is critical, powerful and more easy than you think. I do it every day. On busy days I do it at bus stops, on buses, waiting in line, in bed before I fall asleep. There are so many little spaces in between. It gives you practice for grounding and meditating in busy spaces. Don’t wait for perfection. Just do it. The times when you can’t light a candle and have to fit it into the in-between spaces also begins to make your magical part of your mundane, like brushing your teeth. It also begins to open up the day to day as magical. It becomes your life.

Every day my practice is to ground, align my three souls and acknowledge the directions and the Star Goddess. I sometimes do more, but I  never do less. After I am humming. When you plug in you become connected with the whole. It makes your day better. It makes your life better. When I finished I use the connection and the hum to send healing to the world and everyone I know who is sick or suffering, or in loss. I ask for healing with people or situations I am bumping up against. I picture everyone I know individually who needs help. (I am careful to not send energy to people with cancer because I think it could feed it, but imagine cancer leaving & their health). After I have gone through my very long list I imagine I am holding a large dandelion and I take 4 breaths of starlight and make a wish for it to be so and blow the white fluffy seeds out into the world. And yes, I do this on the bus when I don’t have time.

Twelve Steps is one of my daily tools given to me by Pandora. I am so very grateful for this magical tool. I use the 12 Steps because I am so easily triggered and I do not want to be in drama or story, or ego. It is so easy to go there. True enough, someone offends you, you are justified. But there is truth, and there is Truth. There is ego and there is soul. The ego is much more easily bruised. I try and recover to soul and bigger places whenever possible. The ego likes to rant. I find even if the ego is absolutely right about what is happening, it’s just wasting energy to get caught up. I often have a deeper understanding of if I can be conscious enough to remember it. An intention I am working for, a realization I am heading this way and this struggle is taking me off the path, a way of reframing the drama. I try and stay in a truer space, learning to be more connected to the hum and noticing when I am seduced into the drama between. When I can surrender I find more open places within myself and more compassion and better solutions eventually emerge. Besides, it saves a lot of times not going over arguments in your head. Sometimes now I try and use these spaces to send out healing or blessings instead, much better use of the spaces.

Sara Peyton weaves together neuroscience knowledge and experiences of healing with her Empathetic Brain work. Though not magical her work truly opens up gateways into changing consciousness, which essentially is magic. Her explanations are so clear of how the left hemisphere, the “rational “ part of our brain just marches ahead and when something doesn’t work just goes faster & harder. It is the part where we replay what happened and go into drama and fixed habits of how we respond. The right brain holds the emotions and it is here where healing can happen through resonance. She has written a great book called “ Your Resonate Self Guided Meditations and Exercises to Engage Your Brain’s Capacity for Healing. “ It is a choice and we can build our muscles of consciousness to direct our attention and intentions at will. It is a practice and for most of us not a state of being. We find our places of connection and resonance, notice when we slip away and find our way back. It is in these places, within these states of consciousness that magic happens.

David Spangler is another of my heroes. As one of the original members of Findhorn, he describes himself as a practical mystic. He holds a lot of wisdom. One of the things he talks about is how you can tap into a group field and drop in energetic qualities like a homeopathic remedy. Large sports events, eating at McDonald’s, washing dishes all become an opportunity to connect with countless others doing the same thing where you can drop an essence like love in. Life is full of chances to connect and bless.