The Witch Craft of Decolonizing Gender

Queerness is the magic of gender, it is a lived experience of shape shifting in relationship to energetic reality, and it is something every one of us humans do with the mysterious force of gender.

Meditations in Iron: Sacred Leadership in a Chaotic World

Sacred Leadership in a Chaotic World
Tools for Activism

Magical Tools to Support Activism

When I worked as an activist I used magic to support and sustain…

Magic with Fairies & Allies

My heart leaped when I heard Orion Foxwood *say,”Lordy they…
Daily Practice

Daily Practice

Daily practice is critical, powerful and more easy than you think.…
Open Coven

Do It Anyways: Don’t Wait

One of the things I really like about Reclaiming is that anyone…
Fixing Bent Nails

Visioning vs Fixing Bent Nails

We must respond to injustice and oppression, but we can waste…
Magical Activism

Magical Activism

When I came into Reclaiming in the late 80’s. I’d already…