You Can Help

Just how do we manage to put on an amazing camp at an amazing location with amazing teachers and good food, and still manage to keep it affordable for everyone? For everyone? And without our teachers and organizers suffering from burnout? To be honest, we may not be completely there yet, but we’re working on it: we pool our resources, we get creative, and we practice generosity as a magical technique.

All campers can contribute to keeping camp financially equitable, helping us collectively spit in the eye of the class system and support our community. Here are some options:

Donate money: either a one-time donation or monthly donations. E-transfers make it easy to set up monthly payments that happen without extra work. These are great for BCWC because they provide stable, predictable income. Send e-transfers to, and use the password BCWC. To send cheques please request the postal address via email.

Fundraise in your community throughout the year: Hold an event, put a jar out at a coven gathering, host a swap ‘n sale, agree to tithe (donate a percentage of your income) and engage others in titheing. Also, you can fundraise within your home community to support individual witches (including yourself). Often, it is more motivating and rewarding to support a specific person rather than donate to a general fund.

Get creative: If you have any wonderful fundraising ideas, we want you to make them happen. Please get in touch or loop us in!

Bring items to camp to donate to the Funk Trunk and the silent auction (you’ll get more info on specifics in the registration confirmation letter). Start a box now of good-quality magical clothes, jewellry, artsy and craftsy items, etc.

Save your shopping dollars for camp: As well as the Funk Trunk and silent auction, there are vendors of beautiful things every year, and people offering massage, divination and more.

Tell others about camp: The higher the attendance, the better the financial picture.

Get creative: If you have any wonderful fundraising ideas, please share them with us!

If you have the means to help the BC Witchcamp support the community, please consider donating. Thank you!