Solstice 2019 Newsletter


Guided by lineage, we journey through Baba Yaga’s
dark forest to learn world-changing magic.
We carry forth the witch’s healing flame.

Thank you so much to the many, many witches who contributed to this magic!! This intention was sourced in 2019 camp ritual and post-camp written feedback from community members who dreamed and cast spells and divined. A special thank you to Passia, Alessandra, Syr, Maevyn and Willow, who spent many hours in sacred space and helped wordsmith the magical input we received.

Feeling the tingles? Want to take this journey together? You can register for camp right now! For the first time, we have early camp registration and we hope that -along with the big magic that is already rolling! – this will mean a full camp with lots of abundance, connection and ecstatic energy at BCWC 2020. When you register early, you can set up a monthly payment plan that fits your budget.

Envision yourself in the dark forest, as we are guided by lineage. Dream yourself in Baba Yaga’s hut as we learn world-changing magic. Imagine yourself in the light of the witchy moon on the shores of Evans Lake as we prepare to carry forth the witch’s healing flame.

Did we mention you can REGISTER RIGHT NOW? See you at BCWC 2020!!!


Just how do we manage to put on an amazing camp at an amazing location with amazing teachers and good food, and still manage to keep it affordable for everyone? For everyone? Without our teachers and organizers suffering from burnout? To be honest, we may not be completely there yet, but we’re working on it: we pool our resources, we get creative, and we practice generosity as a magical technique.
All campers can contribute to keeping camp financially equitable, helping us collectively spit in the eye of the class system and support our community. Click here for ways to keep BCWC sustainable into the future.

THE WITCHES CAULDRON – another way to support BCWC

The Witches Cauldron is a subscription-based membership. The subscription costs $5 – $15 CAD (sliding scale) a month and all fees go to support the BC Witch Camp. Fees are used for scholarships as well as to offset camp fees which benefits all campers. More information and sign-up, Click Here.