Frame Drum (Tar) with Willow Kelly

May Teaching Offering by Willow Kelly

Frame Drum lesson! 

Check out this lovely video by clicking the link here:


Bio :

Our Beloved Continuity Teacher*  |  Willow Firefly Kelly

I live along the Great Warriors Path on the lands of the Monacan and Saponi-Tutelo People. This is a rich, verdant land of horsetail, wild bleeding hearts, and the hoary bat; the biodiversity of this land is extraordinary. I am both heartbroken and humbly grateful to live in this fertile beauty.

Musician, lover, and rehabber of bats, seeker of wild places, death doula, shadow-stalker, lover of the Greenbloods and the Wyrd, I am a skeptic and a mystic, seeking a glimmer of understanding into this ocean of ineffable wonder that I inadequately call Spirit. I discovered Reclaiming in 1996 and felt like I came home. I was standing at one of those pivotal crossroads where my life radically changed. It was messy, imperfect, complicated, powerful, healing, and beautiful, and 23 years later, it still is.

My extensive training in the Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft, the Dances of Universal Peace, the Whirling Dervishes of the Mevlevi Order of America, Middle Eastern drumming techniques for trance and energy-raising, and other mystical traditions inform my practices and teaching styles. I am grateful to be returning to BC Witchcamp to continue the magic of listening to the land, opening our hearts and nourishing our relationships.

* The continuity teacher holds this position for three consecutive years in order to maintain a strong thread over time. This will be Willow’s first year as she picks up the thread from Seraphina Capranos.


AND this month we get an extra lovely offering from teacher Moss Dance doing a Chant!: