Update About Camp 2020

First and foremost we send out our deepest wishes that you are all as healthy and safe as you can be.

There is much challenge and uncertainty in the world. At the same time, we are uplifted by the ways that community members have stepped up to offer many opportunities to connect and feel supported. Many thanks to Captain for creating the Zoom link for others to use, and more thanks to each person who has brought forward an offering.

While all these great initiatives have been happening, the BCWC Org has had to make a couple of important – and difficult – decisions… Our hearts were heavy as we heard that large gatherings have been banned through the summer by British Columbia public health officer.

As a result, there will be no in-person BC Witchcamp 2020.

We have needed time to feel into our own disappointment and grief. Like many of you, camp is a highlight of our year. So here’s our plan, created in collaboration with the teaching team.

The Magic

We are holding the 2020 story and intention as a 2-year spell with space for our community to invent together. This is a new time and we will make new magic. We have invited the teaching team to continue with us in 2021 and they are currently discussing offerings that they will make as part of this long spell, with and for the community. Our intention for this 2-year spell remains the same and yet feels even more relevant:

Guided by lineage, we journey through Baba Yaga’s dark forest to learn world-changing magic. We carry forth the witch’s healing flame.

It feels like the whole world is making this journey and we are inspired to work this magic with you… in Zoom. In email. Over the phone. As we journey through the dark forest, as we sort the seeds of the future in Baba Yaga’s magical house.

The Money

We are keeping our deposit with Evans Lake for our 2021 Camp. In turn, Evans Lake is tentatively holding dates for our “annual week” in 2021 – the dates are: August 29 – September 4, 2021

Our financial situation remains stable thanks to the fundraising initiatives undertaken by our community since last year’s camp. If you want to be a part of our ongoing fundraising efforts, please check out The Witch’s Cauldron.

  • For those of you who have already registered, here are some options:
  • Continue with scheduled payments to entirely pay for 2021 camp
  • Stop payments and hold your deposit/payments made to date for 2021 camp
  • Ask for a refund minus any fees paid by BCWC (i.e. Paypal fees)
  • Donate your deposit/payments made to date to BCWC
  • Some combination of the above.

Please contact Russell at info@bcwitchcamp.ca with your decision regarding registration money paid to date.

More on the Magic

  • We have a completed story – Read Baba Yaga & Vasilisa the Brave
  • Our teachers are excited about the long spell and will be coming up with their own offerings to our community between now and Camp 2021.
  • We also invite community members to hold online classes that are related to our two-year spell. This could include core Reclaiming classes. If you are planning to do so, contact Marie at info@bcwitchcamp.ca so we can broadcast your offering.
    Feel free to post on our Facebook page, Instagram, webra, other channels.

If you wish to tithe a portion of your earnings to BCWC, we would happily accept that but it isn’t expected.
The Org plans to send a quarterly newsletter with updates about upcoming events/ happenings and other relevant news