March 2020 Newsletter

Guided by lineage, we journey through Baba Yaga’s 

dark forest to learn world-changing magic. 

We carry forth the witch’s healing flame. 

How are you “Guided by lineage”?

Willow Kelly, Continuity Teacher, BCWC

I’ve been thinking a lot about this phrase since the camp intention was shared by the vision group. As I explore it in my magical practice, I wonder what this means to others and if some of you peeps would be willing to share your experiences and thoughts. Who guides you? What lineage(s) do you imagine as the doll in your pocket, guiding you through the dark forest?

The spell I’ve been doing daily with few exceptions over the last 5 years is an epic love spell held together by a seven-circuit labyrinth, 5 pentacles that I run to align myself and a closing to thank all of my teachers. When I thank my teachers, I thank both the ones I choose to learn from and the ones I did not consciously choose and some whose marks still scar my heart; they all helped me become who I am. (I’m so grateful to be crafting the magic of Iron Pentacle with Phoenix Oatfield and our path at camp. Shadow and birthright feel so powerful in this story!)


Thank you to everyone who has used our early registration process. Thank you also for your patience as we work out the small glitches along the way. It’s exciting to have so many registered for camp early in the year. If you have any ideas for making this process even better, please contact Russell, our registrar:

***In case you’re curious, our break-even numbers are 75 fully paid campers. We cover costs for the 15 community members who teach, organize and bring in the Woo to make BCWC happen. Consider bringing a friend to camp!  ***


Our Teaching Team has been selected:  Willow Kelly, Suzanne Sterling, Phoenix LeFae, Alessandra Naccarato, Tidal Fox, Bridget McGowan, horizon greene, and Heidi Marian. Our Spring Equinox newsletter will include teacher bios and path descriptions. We’re excited to reveal what has been brewing in the teaching cauldrons.


Within each newsletter, we provide important information about BCWC camp culture. Ember, Teacher Liaison, has prepared the following introduction:

At BCWC, we are growing a culture where we can both learn and know that we belong. This is the work and the magic that the world needs right now. We root ourselves in the earth. We call on the strength of our lineage as the longest continuous witch camp, on the emerging wisdom of our new campers and on our ancestors who love us beyond reason. We invite all who are willing to make this kind of magic to join us. 


Priestex – Temple of the Heart

NEW!!! Temple of the Heart Hive (support roles to Priestex)

Do you have the gift of priestexing sacred pleasure? Would you like to be mentored in developing that gift, while offering sacred service to the Temple of the Heart? Maybe you hear the call to become the next Priestex of the Temple or (*new role*) a member of the Temple of the Heart Hive!!

This is Syr’s third year as Temple Priestex and they are looking for their successor, the one who will be mentored this year, and take on this sacred mantle for two more years after that. Each Temple Priestex holds the role in their way! How do you priestex pleasure?

Also: starting this year, we are looking for campers who will be the Temple of the Heart Hive, a small group of campers devoted to supporting the Priestex with Temple tending, visioning and logistical support! 

The Temple of the Heart Priestex anchors the physical and magical space of the temple. The priestex is responsible for the temple, from the transformation of the space with our many delicious lights and fabrics (all of which are being cleaned and refreshed for this year), to demonstrating and teaching enthusiastic consent. Here’s a link to the full description of the role.

The Temple of the Heart Hive is a less time-consuming role for those who see themselves dwelling in and tending pleasure as an act of service at camp. (Yum!!) 

If you’d like to learn more about being the priestex or member of the hive, email Syr:


TEACHER SELECTION COMMITTEE – Community Representative

Call for Teacher Selection Committee Community Representative

Are you a long-time member of the BCWC community who might be interested in joining the teacher selection committee? This three-year position works with the continuity teacher (currently Willow Kelly) and the Org teacher liaison (currently Ember) to choose the teaching team each year. This person helps hold the thread of the magic from year to year, has had some teaching experience if possible and ideally some experience of other camps. 

For full qualifications and responsibilities, please click here.

Blessed Be, The Org