Camp is back! In a new, online form and a new, magically collaborative way!

Come Join Us (virtually) for… Baba Yaga and Vasilisa the Wise

We can’t have physical camp this year, but we will stir the cauldron in this time of change with a two-year spell that started at the end of BC Witchcamp 2019 and follows the story of Baba Yaga and Vasalisa the Wise. From Summer Solstice 2020 – to Summer Solstice 2021, we will continue to work this magic by focusing on our camp intention in four parts, each with its own theme, transitioning at equinoxes and solstices. Each quarter will have the same rhythm:

  •  A Bedtime Story With the Crones: a reading of a Baba Yaga myth related to the upcoming seasonal theme, followed by a tasty portion of our BC Witchcamp story of Baba Yaga and Vasilisa the Wise. 
  • An Online Participatory Ritual co-created by our fabulous teaching team and BC Witchcampers to launch the quarter’s sacred theme and intention.
  • Three Moons of Magic together to deepen into our intention, including classes, salons, and events offered by our teaching team and offerings by community members.

Feel the Magic Building!

 Imagine the Power of our Spell 

When We Come Together in 2021 After More Than a Year of Foreplay!

The Arc of Magic - Calendar of Themes

Guided by Lineage Summer Solstice to Fall Equinox, 2020

In the rich height of the summer, we begin the journey grounded in our rich heritage. Come listen to the story of Vasilisa receiving the gift of intuition and come explore your own lineage and the lineage of our community of witches at this time and all times.

We Journey Through Baba Yaga’s Dark Forest 
Fall Equinox to Winter Solstice, 2020

As the leaves fall and the days shorten, we make the magic that comes from traveling the dark together. How do we face uncertainty, listen to our intuition in dire times, find our way to magic in the dark?

We Learn World-Changing Magic 
Winter Solstice 2020  to Spring Equinox 2021

In the depth of winter, we enter Baba Yaga’s hut and we do the impossible: we face and complete the tasks of the wild witch. What happens when the task before us is so daunting? How do we make magic in the face of fear? What does it mean to claim the power of the wild witch, now?

We Carry Forth the Witches’ Healing Flame Spring Equinox 2021 to Summer Solstice 2021

The days grow longer and we bring home the gift of the wild witch: the healing flame. How do we carry our magic out into the world? How do we do so as a community, weaving our (yours and yours and yours!) wildness together with the wildness of the world?

We are Weaving This Magic Together. We Are Guided by a Team of FABULOUS Wild Witches and also We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For. So each quarter will be a weaving of the talents of our elders, the teaching team, and you.


Welcome to Registration for BCWC 2020-21 Online – Baba Yaga Witchcamp! 

Registration is by donation and will give you access to the schedule and links to many magical events offered by the teaching team and talented campers. You can attend however many you choose. The schedule will be updated throughout the year.  You will have the opportunity to join or create an affinity group and are invited to offer your own magical contribution to this exciting experiment!

Once you register, you will have access to the schedule as it unfolds, links to the events, multiple magical ways to participate (Join a class! Help plan a ritual! Offer your own fabulous event!),  and other juicy pieces of magic.