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                                            – Witches Cauldron August Teaching Offering –

There is also a video recording of a class I taught about this over Zoom that you can find in the classes/rituals video archive of online witch camp


Evolution, Revolution, Story

We are here for personal and collective (includes ancestors and descendants) evolution and there is always a revolution afoot. This is as old as time, this is our human story. What is your thread in this ancient story?

What have you come here to experience?  What is Your Story?

When all else recedes into the background during a great transformation, something so it intense it leaves you changed like birth or love, or like death and endings of any kind along your journey, what is left?  When at the crossroads of your initiation, in between the elements of story, in the alchemy of it, what are these stories?   At your edges, the place of intensity, right in the pain and the triggers, are the elements in your map with keys for coming back into relationship with wholeness. Your birth chart is a map of your personal and ancestral trauma, and the ways to reclaim power and come back into relationship with wholeness of self that are informed by that. This is your evolutionary story.

This healing work is revolutionary inside ourselves and prepares us to be in our true power, which makes us better revolutionaries in the world, ready to relate from true power to the true power in others. This work prepares us for necessary discomfort of the transformative practice of revolution.  It is practical magic for edgy work (I will talk more about edge magic work later on).

This year I have been an initiate of Pluto. I shared a teaching offering in February near Imbolc about gender magic which was a lot about bridging binaries and polarity magic, and now I found myself this August near Lammas harvesting the downloads of the work that spurred from there…and so excited to share that it is from the Stars!  I am a witch with a Pisces sun in the 12th house, and so I love that this work was sparked in the sacred fires and wells around my solar return in February near the annual Pisces new moon, and then now at the place of my polarity point where I anchor and manifest a lot of healing tools in Virgo, and with the medicine of the healing Pisces full moon, this is pouring out as a follow-up teaching offering.

As we travel in the darkness of the forest, into the unknown, guided by lineage and coming from work with Mycelium and Star…

As the living world and we are rebirthed endlessly in the matrix woven in the polarity of earth and sky, of mycelium and stars, so the whole world is woven in the alchemy of relationship, polarity magic, binary-bridging magic, queer magic. Everything is a relationship on every level of reality. And the longing between the two poles is what is created. The belonging is inherent and the longing/love woven within it. We find sacred pairs: Connection and Separation, (I)llness and (We)llness, and many many other relationships that make up our reality, and we are here to unite lovers within!

This harvest came through the planet Pluto, initiator of evolution through shadow journies, shadow which is all things hidden including magic, sex, subverted and hidden power, ancestors and tells the story of our death/rebirth/evolution. It tells our dance with power and powerlessness and all of aspects of the tango of our dual nature on every level of being.

Pluto has taught me that astrology is an ancestral star map for healing personal and ancestral trauma! This polarity magic works with the parts of our dual nature, weaving wholeness by bridging binaries, with the alchemy of center magic, that tells the story of how we reclaim hidden power and bridge that with our personal and ancestral trauma and the ways we fall out of relationship related to that.

What are the stories of your personal evolution?

These are meditations best meandered through with a spaciousness, many never get around to taking the stroll through these quandries.  Instead, life goes on and the story unfolds.  Patterns repeat, recognizable themes and characters emerge, challenging lessons reappear over and over, and the road has familiar turns and also dead ends. Many simply reach the dead end and wallow in the pain of it their whole life.  Many find odd innovations and realizations.  Most avoid dealing with this stuff. It is our internal compost turning work, and compost is great for growing our lives into strength and beauty like it would on a garden, but most people never want to turn their compost! Pluto likes compost, and this is a continuation of mycelium magic conversating with star magic by the way!

Know the keys to unlocking the elements of mysterious possibility in your story. To hold the keys and to know which locks, the dead ends can become the doorways to that which lives beyond what we previously thought we wanted or was possible.  Our limits and edges that shape life structures can safely go through the small deaths they ask for, and these stories can include reclaiming subverted power and rebirth into life in relationship with that reclaimed wholeness.  This is a journey into shadow found along personal edges to reclaim power.  To be in relationship with reclaimed power in all aspects of a personal story is to live into a liberating wholeness. To live at edges is to work with wild magic and the cusp of the unknown.

Your astrology (re)birth chart is a map it turns out, of how to bridge the places of stigmatized exiled subverted power (which are our internalized and intergenerational oppression) with the places of agency and self realization.  I do this work as part of my practice with bridging my wise and well ancestors with the unwell ones. It turns out that we are the living edge of our ancestors healing and the chart is a map from the ancestors for navigating these waters! This is practical magic and embodied intuitive magic that is a tool for reclaiming power by coming back into relationship. This is the personal work of decolonization and is a tending of the wild edges within. It taps in to what is there in the core of us, our life purpose, and connects us to support beyond our wildest imagining. It is your story. To know your story is to know your purpose.

It turns out this is the meaning that shapes our life at its foundation, it turns out we do not exist here to be cogs in a destructive colonial machine, that this evolutionary work is what we are here to do.

Polarity Magic

We are suspended in the dynamic tension between binaries, this is just how this world is designed at a basic level. The magnetic force of polarities holds atoms together and literally everything else too. If you look at your astrology chart, you will see that it is a wheel of polarities. Within each planet and each astrology sign is a dual nature which is a polarity as well. Each planet and sign have both gifts and challenges. The magic space of both is what we are here to explore, the magic of what is created in the alchemy of both which is why I call it queer magic.

Our tango with polarity that is life, is the thread of ancient stories, where dieties are both terrible and healing, creative and destructive, villains and heroes. Pluto has taken me further into the evolutionary work within the places of coming together of our dual nature. The chart essentially is a map to how we come back into relationship on every level of our being, to wholeness and true power/love.

Polarity magic is also found in the astral rythms of the year, in portals between seasons that are created each full moon where the astrology sign ruling a full moon will always be the opposite of the sign the sun resides in at any given time, making portals into the opposite season on the wheel. We are woven in time and space through the moons directly, I recommend feeling into that. Solstices and equinoxes are pairs, and have portals linking them. Eclipses come in pairs and create a portal between them (I will talk more about this later). Other famous nature pairs: night and day, winter and summer, lightness and darkness, male and female.

Other nature pairs/Portals from my lineages that are deeply woven and in conversation with one another:





Full Moons (when the sun is one one sign and the moon is in the moon in the opposite sign, this happens at every full moon…they create a portal to the opposite)

In evolutionary astrology, polarity points are places of anchoring and reclaiming power, and they are super useful balance points opposite to the places we carry triggers in areas of our life as depicted in the chart.

(R)evolutionary Initiators

Our challengers who tend the sacred edges of limitations (Saturn) and adversity (Mars) that give structure to our narratives are our initiators.  These are the places you will be brought to your edge in your story, within the forges of limitation (Saturn), separation and adversity (Aries), addiction, obsession, desire, power, and shadow (Pluto), loss and art (Neptune), and disruption and liberation (Uranus), and our spiritual traveller journey (Jupiter).  We find our voice and heal our minds as messengers (Mercury), and we travel the path of the heart to meet all of this (Venus).  It is a really useful thing to know who your initiators are, and what these core lessons are in your personal story of evolution.  These are the DJs on the dial, what are they broadcasting? The content is intimately informing the formation, experience, dissolution, and transformation of self, ego, identity, expression, paradigm, understanding, aesthetic, truth, thoughts, feelings, quirks, and qualities of self. Our initiators bring challenges and gifts necessary for our formation, growth, and evolution.

What is the purpose of each particular forge formed for our initiatory lessons, and what is being transformed?  What sign, planet and house are present in the story ad what does it show about what needs transforming?   Lady Death is hovering near as a seed inside every life, promising that in our willingness to give death to that which is necessary for our growth and evolution, we come into our true purpose for the life as we came here to experience.

Pluto (To Evolve)

“Death is the wake up call of the Revolution (a.k.a. the Tower) and the empathy of the Empress” Cristy C. Road curator of the Next World Tarot.

All life meets at the water’s edge.  This is the biodiverse place of subverted power.

Pluto, also known as Lady Death or Hades, or many other names, this is the diety of the underworld which is home to Death (transformative initiations), the deep subconscious patterns of desire and potentiality, hidden exiled power, ancestral connections, magic, and our procreative sexual energy for rebirth. Pluto’s domain holds that which is stigmatized due to intergenerational ancestral trauma. The whole underworld has been vilified by Christianity and is misunderstood as a place of evil to be feared. It is actually just related to all that is hidden (hence the naming of this place as shadow), it does not mean evil or bad things, just all hidden things and is a place of abundant creative potential and nourishment as well as trauma and stigmatized things. Fear not, all we will find in there is ourselves. It is a rich world of treasure and creativity where we reclaim the subverted power of our ancestors and anchor/actualize that in our personal life. Our triggers and Pluto initiations that cause them are the deep guides in our evolution.

Pluto is currently in Capricorn which is not a surprise as a lot of old systems of authority are dying.  Also worth noting, that it has been conjunct Saturn and Jupiter also in Capricorn…all these things dying in our systems and our shadow work is involved and it is expansive!  I is no wonder too that these buddies over my Venus this whole time birthed this kind of work with astrology that I am sharing about coming into relationship with shadow and thus more able to be in relationship in the world and with an ancient authority based and rooted in that kind of wholeness.

Shadow holds that which was too hurt and terrified to be out in the light of the day’s activities, but lives there like a sleeping dragon, rattling its bones from that place of exile. Our edges are where we get survival patterns triggered that have been informed by ancestral trauma and internalized oppression from colonial white culture. It is the edge of the wild in us rattling our bones as a sign we have power there specifically to reclaim. We are all tending edges like this that are personal, but are the places of evolution we tend for the collective and for the evolution of our family soul as well.

Look at Pluto in your chart, what house and sign it is in.

Where in your story do you feel this rattling?  What clues are there in your story to hear what these traumatized parts need, how and when and why they rattle, and what information is in the way they shake and moan?  What knowledge do they hold that calls out to be remembered?

Our pain and anxiety offer red flags that we have met at an edge in our narrative and feel the presence of our exiled creative power.  Pain feels like stretching sometimes, and I imagine it like a hide being stretched across a drum rim, preparing it for bigger resonance and music.  I feel a lot of stretching and tension in my heart especially when doing evolutionary work with Venus and Pluto, and use this metaphor that the pain is stretching my heart drum, and preparing my heart to give and receive love, and growing my capacity to be in relationship.

To look at your story of initiations and evolution with Pluto:

What is the archetypal story and nature and quality of the astrological sign Pluto is initiating its lessons through, and what house/area of your life is it in?  What is the ruling planet of the sign you have Pluto in, and where is it located in your chart?

How does this inform your story of evolutionary initiations?

Edges are where the wildness meets us. This is where our ancestral trauma as well as their specific kinds of subverted power, and internalized oppressions lie in our stories, perhaps that caused subconscious patterns of family illness or power struggles.  This is a part of our authentic truth that is a core aspect of personal power. This is the edge of healing we tend on our personal soul’s healing journey, and the edge we tend for our ancestors/our family soul as well as the collective soul of humanity.   When we do our personal evolutionary work, it is relevant on all of these levels.  The repatterning that happens on the path of the heart changes patterns on all levels of reality and in whole time.

What of the spirit of the wild is calling and clawing at us from within?

How does it snake through your narrative, your thoughts and actions, the patterns forming out of its deep ancient voice? It may be a snake who is the universe dreaming life into being with us…the twirl of DNA snaking through the oceans of our cells….the wild spirit.

What does it draw to you to be met and what is being revealed about your truth?

Because evolutionary work with Pluto often involves us facing triggers and trauma of all kinds, it is incredible liberating and essential to understand the meaning of the transformations in it as the healing and the blessings.  Torture becomes growing pains, like in any kind of exercise, where we breath through the pain at that edge and know it is making us stronger to work out here in the gymnasium of the heart and the soul.

With our planet facing mortality at every angle, we can look at the core stories revealed by Lady Death (Pluto) the great transformer and revealer.

When we give death to the necessary things for life to thrive, what is revealed?

How does your personal evolution mirror and track alongside collective stories and evolutions…what edge do you tend for the whole?

The Evolutionary work of reclaiming subverted Power:

Wherever we find Pluto testing us, we look to whatever house is opposite that and anchor the experience and reclaim power there through the domain of that house and whatever sign is ruling there in our chart.  This is called working with a polarity point in astrology.

Our star maps describe the ways we get into pickles between two polarities and the third space is the way we can understand these conflicts as necessary forges created out of shadow where subverted power and creative life energy lives, that can unlock the creative potential underneath that conflict, bridges with the source of our triggers in our deep subconscious created by ancestral trauma.

Evolutionary astrologers teach these tools for working with Pluto, and I say you can use this binary-bridging tool to reclaim power in the stories of any of your planets and signs and houses as they play out in your stories in the different levels of your being. This is what birthed what I call the ‘Astral Radio.’

“Astral Radios”

Our bodies are made of literal stardust, and our energetic centers are channels for planetary energy. We are astral radios with unique combinations of stations on our dial. The Chakras as they are known in Sanskrit, are also recognized in ancient Daoism that is the basis for Chinese Medicine as energetic centers that relate to differing levels of body, mind, and spirit, and that channel into our embodied experiences, and in astrology from Europe as well, the planets channel through each of these energetic centers. I work as an intuitive bodyworker and acupuncturist in conversation with these levels of being, and with the planets there as guides. I essentially wander along the radio dial and deep listen to them all, and when necessary I dialogue with one or bring a couple of them into relationship with one another. Knowing the stations on our personal dial and getting our DJs in conversation with one another is empowering and fun intuitive embodied work:

The Planetary DJs on our dials in our Energetic Centers:

Crown: Jupiter

Third Eye: Neptune, Uranus

Throat: Mercury

Heart: Venus, Moon

Solar Plexus: Sun, Mars

Creative Center: Venus, Moon

Root: Saturn, Pluto

The stars are not only a map for the mental, emotional, and spiritual realities, they are a map for all earthly manifestations of the physical as well.  Our fascial layers are made of liquid crystal, which has a structure that sends and receives messages like radio waves and sent and received by radios with crystals, and which exists in a third space, of weaving all the different systems of information inside and outside of the body.  We are also mostly made of water, and as we know this also contains

crystalline structures in its foundational pattern that shape according to messaging from the environment. Inside of our DNA is about 80% mysterious “junk DNA” which some hypothesize is used for receiving messages as all of it is a crystalline structure as well. DNA, the common denominator for all living things, is made of language and is weaving stories constantly. It is also made of twin strands, another pair pattern in nature right in the foundational component of nature. We are made of pairs in relationship creating stories in a massive ongoing conversation.

When we begin to understand our story and work with it, we can begin to do what we actually came here to do, which is to evolve. We have come here to be in story, in a great epic conversation, with amazing DJS on the radio. Rock and roll my friends! The more we get to know all our stations, the more fun we can have as lucid dreamers in the life we are co-creating with the universe. The more we awaken to the full gamet of informative resource waiting to be received by us. We are cosmic radios, what is playing on our stations?!   This is the magic of knowing yourself and feeling into the magic in others, this is the magic of star magic bringing us alive in relationship and story.


Create your own Astral Radio, mapping your signs and houses onto the planets that channel through different levels of your being. Feel into the energies of the elements in these different levels of self, and how the stories and archetypes within them play out in your personal stories.

Write, create art, meditate into how you experience the energies of nature, of the wheel of the elements in time and space and in the ancient human story, coming through your specific versions of the planets and signs as they play out in the various levels of you. Do tarot pulls for each energetic center and run your hands over the cards in the spread to bring the different stations into necessary connections.

Look at this first Astral Radio you created, this is your conscious self, your self in manifestation in this realm.

Think about your experiences of intense death and rebirth literal or psychic, experiences that leave you changed, the ones that taught you about power and powerlessness and that transformed you.   The ones where you are brought to your edge and through shadow, came into a death of something and a new self and a new relationship to power formed. When you are at your edge your triggers rattle in your bones from deep ancestral trauma alongside your own. What stories rattle through your bones from your personal knowledge and your ancestral deep subconscious? Look at Pluto in your chart, and feel into how this informs your root.

Your root is the energetic center that Pluto channels through, alsongside Saturn which initiates us through lessons of opposition and limitation which inform our relationship with authority within and outside, as well as the structures and society and the ancient earth laws. In conversation, Pluto and Saturn are in a tango of evolution into power and authority that is the root of our being, that is woven with self and ancestry and the life, and that roots us in our foundational identity and the limits and laws that form the structures of life. This work helps us do the edgy identity work we are here to do.

What are your stories with triggers that are both personal and ancestral, as well as the evolutionary initiations Pluto has brought into your life that might reflect the planets and signs in your Pluto and Saturn in your Root?

How might these Djs battle it out together to form the stories of your foundations, your identity, your stories of self and ancestry weaving together, into the foundational structures of your life?

Now this is only the beginning Pluto says…

Apply the tool I introduced before, about the work of Reclaiming power opposite Pluto triggers, which is to bridge that trigger with the sign and house opposite it in your chart. A point opposite to any other in a chart is a polarity point, and what evolutionary astrology teaches is that polarity points anchor and brings it back into relationship. This is super helpful for triggers because they happen in the places we feel powerless and fall deeply out of a sense of being held in supportive connection of relationship and it then expresses as illness. ((I)llness and (We)llness). When we are in relationship we feel whole and well and balanced. Polarity points do this for triggers on every level of our being. Our triggers are the ways we fall out of relationship in our conscious patterns and their manifestations, and the polarity points opposite them are the ways we are brought back in. Our astrology chart is a map of not only the points that land on the map, but the invisible ones opposite them, that anchor them and are the points of reclaiming power that bring us back into relationship with wholeness and wellness and true power.

Now make a second Astral Radio of hidden power.

Polarity points can be mapped out alongside the first one, this second one is your twin of hidden power.

Feel into the opposite of you, the polarity twin hidden and right there alongside. It is not only in our root that we experience evolution, we are being initiated in every level of our being, in our voice our intuition, our heart, our solar expression….every station on your conscious/manifested dial (FM radio heehee) pairs with a station on your subconscious/potential hidden power (AM radio haha).

Pull out the stories of how the sign, planets, and houses tell the stories of the ways you fall out of relationship and get triggered in your conscious self with its astral radio, and then feel what it is like to bring that back into relationship with its opposite in your reserve of hidden power. What are your personal versions of these ancient planets and signs as they come back into relationship? What is the nature of how you reclaim power in the face of your triggers and thus how are you bridging the places of subverted personal and ancestral power that result in deep sense of powerlessness and separation that relates to the deep evolutionary edge you tend for the healing of your ancestors. The edge where the ancestral patterns of the unwell ancestors from trauma meet the resources of the well ancestors, this is the living edge that is your life creating you in its alchemy every moment.

Feel into the stories of how you heal by reclaiming power, what kinds of power and what does it create when it combines with your conscious self. There is a third entity, the relationship created by the polarity pairs bridging the binaries, and this is your true self, it is your self in wholeness. It is the story birthed at the seam of your own edges, where you are alive and well. It is wholeness and what it feels like to be in your true power.

In wholeness, we are doing the work of the Lovers Card in the major arcana of The Tarot, which relates to the Gemini archetype and describes our journey of being a lover within our self with our self. Well folks, it turns out that our “better half” is our polarity point twin. It is the opposite of your conscious manifested self and it is its own Astral Radio, your inner pair/twin…

So basically, meet your soul mate.  Meet your ‘better half.”  haha!  Meet your shadow, your exiled subverted hidden power, the one that was also suppressed for you ancestors, meet your polarity point as a whole self, meet your opposite.   Meet your wholeness.  Meet your faults and all that holds them and brings them back, and meet what that feels like.  Meet what you are as a whole, and feel what that does to the places that usually feel weak or triggered, feel what they feel like when they come back into relationship with their polarity point.  The alchemy of the two polarities meeting creates something more expanded than either of them on their own, in wholeness and bothness, the part of the self that are in true power hum and come into right size.  In polarization of any kind we get trapped in is the delusion of separateness and fall out of grace with the best of our nature and our gifts.  So when we return to being held in relationship within self, it brings us back into relationship with the powerful aspect of the dual nature of each sign.  And so, to feel that re-membering, and that return, lands us in True power, not only because of the medicine of wholeness itself, but because also that we are reunited with hideen gifts that are literally just as much a part of who we are.  It is our hidden potential in there, which is what this reality is created in conversation with I think…the twin reality, the polar one.  (Did you know that black holes have twin stars that they feed off of, and that the center of our galaxy is a supergiant black hole?  where is its twin?  what is up with polarity and twinning in this reality?).  It is super revolutionary to relate from the place of a wholeness that can bridge to and integrate shadow stuff too, because it is a more whole kind of power.  And this is revolutionary because it means we more easily can relate to the power in others as well.  To relate from true power and to true power in others is a game changer, especially necessary in justice work and work involving complex conflict and diverse intersectionality politics.

Gemini is the north node of the moon’s eliptic currently, which describes our collective story of evolution in addition to Pluto.  Coming out of Sagittarius as its south node, it tells about the evolutionary trajectory currently of bringing the spiritual expansiveness of Sagittarius into the everyday magic of tending and priestexxing in communities that Gemini does.  As evolutionary work along this axis, is shedding dogmatic religious or spiritual oppression and coming into respect for the diversity of spiritual practices in community, and in an overarching evolutionary sense letting go of the arrogant behaviors that come from a place of “the right way to do something” that spiritual philosophies Sagittarius leads with, and using Gemini gifts to become more accepting of the multi-faceted nature of human story.  And Gemini is a storyteller!  So that is a big place evolutionary work is being done right now, in the Gemini domains of teaching, information sharing, networking, communication, etc.   While these nodes of the moon are in this placement, all of the eclipses that happen in the next year and a half will happen in pairs in these signs. These break us open and repattern us within the relationship between these archetypes and especially as a way to initiate us into integrating Gemini lessons. These two Astral Radios certainly speak directly to that work, as it is about the work of the sacred Twins within, the Lovers and that is Gemini. Becoming whole within and as a way to prepare you to navigate roles of everyday priestexxing you are here to do in community

Eclipse Portals

…More about eclipse portals…Eclipses intimately tell a story of transformation happening along polarity.  They happen in astrological pairs of a solar and then lunar eclipse and in them is a joining of opposites to form a third space cauldron, a portal where opposites are united.  In this gooey place of transformation the impossibilities and conflicts within a given polarity are set free from their normal tension momentarily for release and revealing and repatterning.  Like a zipper, this portal opens up a spaciousness in the center of the tension there and allows for creative mess and play and reforming.    Eclipses come in pairs, a solar eclipse in one sign opening the portal, followed by a lunar eclipse a couple weeks later, and these happen along a polarity of the two astrological signs that bookend the arch of the path of the moon during that time period.  The extremes points of the pathway of the moon at a given time are called the nodes of the moon, and they are gates or forges for the stories of evolution that are happening at the limits of our orbits through these stories.  Eclipses activate these nodes on the moon’s eliptical orbit, and in doing so they activate these evolutionary doorways.  The nodes are the pair of poles at the most extreme edges of the eliptical orbit of the moon, where they describe the dynamic tension at growth edges of the limits of our collective unconscious and stories there within that we need to transform and evolve through.

Currently in 2020 we are just finishing up a period of two years where the nodes of the moon Capricorn in the south node and Cancer in the north node.  This describes a story of reaching back into ancient traditions and history and learning how that translates into family patterns and where family stories express in the emotional and physical body.  This has been a period of great remembering with ancestry, and of articulation of intergenerational trauma, especially with a focus on healing within this context that is somatic.  We are coming to the end of this work and the final eclipse portal of this period will begin with a solar eclipse in cancer opening a portal closed by a lunar eclipse in Capricorn a couple weeks later.  With Cancer being the north node, this time has been about evolving into the Cancerian themes of coming home, to embodiment, emotions and intuition, to family and to values of mothering and nurturance, and to the slow embodied processes of relational healing with ways like the moon and tides.  As Capricorn has been the south node, we have been shedding attachments of traditions and societal patterns that prevent our evolution.  The south node in Capricorn here has been ruled by Saturn, planet of limitations and fatherhood, and into a  Cancer north node ruled by the moon, planet of emotional embodiment and motherhood.  These are both cardinal sign and have a quality of active assertion if not confrontation to them.  This has been a rich period of actively connecting with ancestors and traditions and healing intergenerational trauma, especially with somatic awareness.  These third spaces cauldron eclipse portals will be shifting into a new astrological pair in July…that of north node in Gemini, home of everyday magic, networking, and priestexxing in relationship especially to godexxes…and with a south node in Sagittarius to informed by/evolving out of the archetype of the spiritual traveler.  The south node here is ruled by Jupiter and is highly expansive and spiritual, and is in conversation with a trajectory of evolving into the archetype of Gemini which is ruled by mercury.  These signs are mutable and in that, carry an upward spiralling messenger quality.  This is a time of great spiritual revealing and integration with everyday reality.  It also we be expansively transformative to the narratives and networks.  Messages will come from spiritual places and weave our narratives in new ways as an air sign related to the storytelling and preistexxing of everyday magic like Gemini does.  We are being initiated into the magic of the Twins archetype with Gemini, and into the work of The Lovers major arcana card of the tarot. This work is of coming into wholeness within oneself, which relates to the work of bridging the binaries in our astrological birth charts with the Astral radio work, or bridging the gender binary within ourselves so that we live present with our wholeness of gender diversity and all of the ways that leads to coming into wholeness. Gemini and the Lovers teaches us to come into wholeness within by bridging our dual nature on all the levels of our being. This wholeness of self feeds into the self that is in other relationships, those that thread into community networks, which is the other important aspect of Gemini and the Lovers work. This relates to the work we have been weaving with mycelium magic, belonging, and threads in community. We are belonging within, and there are personal stories of coming into belonging, and we also have stories of belonging in the world. Gemini tells these stories, along with all the other stories, as it is a mutable air sign ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the gods, this time of Gemini collective evolution is for working with story, old stories, new ones, reinventing and rewriting story for these times. I find it fascinating that these tools to work with star maps as guides for story in service of evolution through binary bridging, and as a tool for liberation work/ancestral healing/reclaiming power work came at this time.

We are all going to be continuing to do these kinds of evolutionary work of wholeness within, threads tending community networks, a lot happening in community online with language and media and communication, and a lot of reworking of stories.

Pluto says hunt down your sabotagers in your shadowlands and give them death so that you might remember who you are and your true whole self, your self in true power.

Finding Your Threads :


What do we want to give death to and transform so that we can reclaim ancestral power,

that has been subverted by the intergenerational trauma of colonization?

What is the healing edge we tend for the healing of our ancestors and for community?

What subverted hidden power am I here to reclaim as I turn the compost of my lineage? What do is look like to spread this compost around my own garden in practical constructive ways of bringing yourself back into relationship with various aspects of self, through the dynamics between the planets in your different radio stations and between your two radios in your conscious and subconscious self. What does spreading compost look like for you, what stories are there?

Also, what mycelial threads are weaving you with your environment? What is your role in your social justice ecosystem?

Study your stories of sign, elements, archetypes and your stories of coming back into wholeness as guides to threads into your out relationships in the world. This maps you into your purpose and callings, your places in the whole.


Check out the work of BuildingMovement.org for their helpful exercises to find your role in your social justice ecosystem!





Teacher’s Bio:

Hi!  I am Otis Bell, a mystical transgender bodyworker herbalist, animist plant nerd star map story weaver gardener acupunk (ravenclaw lol) witch.  This picture is me in front of my herb garden, I loooove the coastal mugwort, Artemisia, and I love Artemis too.  I am happily found harvesting herbs for the Native Friendship Center these days on some of my days off, I love that organization and feel they are a model of how we all need to live more.

My ancestry includes hundreds of years of white settler colonial “U.S.” history on both sides of my family going back all the way to the early colonies (my self-proclamied druid grandfather like to tell of that some of my ancestors were burned at Salem…yikes…so many puritans), and further back my ancestors are from England, Ireland, Germany, Scotland, Wales, France and Sweden.  My Swedish ancestors are the most recent immigrants in that my great grandmother was first generation, and that lineage is full of more wise and well ancestors.

I come from those who lived and prayed at the edge of day or night, at the eges of seasons, and at the meeting edges of the earth, the sky, and the sea,   tenders of the earth, animists, star-readers and story tellers, herbalists, gardeners, and healers..and I have found them leading my path in the same ways.  I come from ancestors who jump in cold water.  Every day I go do magic practice at the ocean, that is first embodied work with myself, my shadow, and my well ancestors and my unwell ones, and then Medical Qi Gong to move that through, and then I jump in the ocean.  Lately I have been so happy to learn that my ancestors believed water is from other worlds, so basically I come from folks who heal by jumping in cold water, and as I do that lineage practice, I am healing by jumping in to other worlds and am reborn.

I live in Lekwungen territory, originally from Duwamish and Nisqually territories.  I have always lived on the Salish Sea.