Financial Assistance

2022 Note: Our 2022 scholarships are being reviewed and updates on application processes and deadlines will be announced in the spring when registration is finalized. Thank you for your patience. 

The BCWC community is committed to removing financial barriers and making camp accessible to everyone. Thanks to the generosity of campers, the success of fundraising events, and the support of the Reclaiming community,  there are several types of financial assistance.

We encourage you to organize fundraising events in your home community before camp to raise funds for individuals in need, including yourself, and/or to donate to camp for scholarships.

Please note: we are unable to offer assistance with transportation costs

BC Witchcamp Scholarships (Needs-based financial assistance)

All of the funds raised for scholarships come from Witchcamp participants through generous donations and many unique, wonderful ways we raise money each year, such as the auction during camp, Vancouver Samhain, class tithing and individual donations.

Scholarships are granted on a first-come, first-served basis, based on need, as identified by the applicant. There is a finite amount of money, depending on our budget. This means that although there is no deadline, you will have an advantage if you apply early.  You need to register and pay a deposit (minimum of $75) early as well, because we don’t consider scholarship applications till this is done. We work within an honour system and trust people to only apply in cases of real need.

How to apply: There is box to tick on the registration form; please also indicate there the amount you are requesting (up to $200 for most campers; Woo Crew members can apply for a maximum of $100 so we can spread the wealth widely). You do not need to tell your story or prove financial need.

The registrar will contact applicants on receipt of their registration and deposit to inform them whether there are still scholarship funds available.

Scholarship applicants need the initial deposit of at least $75 to seed the effort. We are thankful for the members of the community who assist each other to get applicants over that hurdle.

Vancouver Samhain Spiral Dance Scholarships – $200

Deadline for this scholarship is June 21, 2020.
Applicants will be notified by July 16, 2020.

One of the strengths of Reclaiming is our commitment to bring magick into the world, transforming consciousness. This is a scholarship for those actively involved in transforming local communities and the world. BC Witchcamp is a wonderful place for spiritual renewal. This assistance and recognition are open to those who work to create change for individuals and within systems. To apply, send an email to  Tell us about your personal form of activism, a bit about the benefit of this financial assistance to you, and how coming to camp would enrich your life and your work.

Deborah Ann Light Fund

This fund, administered by the Bay Area Reclaiming group, is intended to support radical inclusion and spiritual development within Reclaiming. The scholarship is for people of colour, differently abled, transgender and gender non-conforming people, queer, youth and seniors to attend Reclaiming-style camps, trainings, and classes. More info, including deadlines, at

Woo Crew

Application deadline: May 31st, 2020

A limited number of Woo Crew positions are available as a financial assistance option. Working on the team is a service to our community… and fun! Energetic, strong, versatile people required. Get to know the inner workings of camp! Woo Crew covers 50 percent of the cost of registration. You can also apply for a BC Witchcamp needs-based scholarship of up to $100 on top of this.

We are looking for folks that are energetic, versatile, team-oriented and reliable. You’ll be expected to work off and on throughout the week of camp. Most Woo Crew positions involve physical labour and/or heavy lifting, but not all. If you apply, please let us know your comfort level for physical work.

Please note: financial assistance is intended to defray part of the cost of camp. We are unable to offer assistance with transportation costs.

To Apply Complete the Form Below:

If you have the means to help the BC Witchcamp support the community, please consider donating. Thank you!