Due to the generosity of campers and the success of fundraising events BCWC is able to offer financial assistance with camp fees. All of the funds raised for financial assistance come from Witchcamp participants through generous donations and many unique, wonderful ways we raise money each year, such as the auction during camp, Vancouver Samhain, class tithing and individual donations. We encourage you to organize fundraising events before camp to raise funds for scholarships.

Last year we made some changes to our Financial Assistance process to help camp run more smoothly and allow prospective campers applying for financial assistance to know sooner whether and how much assistance is available.

Please fill out the registration form before applying for financial aid!


Scholarships (Need-based financial assistance)

Applications do not have a deadline but will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

This year we are offering a set number of scholarships based on a budget set well before the start of camp. Applications for scholarships may be submitted at the time of registration and will be awarded on a first come, first served basis. Campers can apply for up to $200 in scholarship funds. The registrar will contact applicants on receipt of their registration to inform them whether there are still scholarship funds available and the date by which their deposits must be received to confirm the scholarship and registration.

Again, we encourage camper fundraising in our home communities to support individuals in need.

For some years now BCWC has had an Activist scholarship. The purpose of the Activist scholarship was to have a full scholarship for activists who have a low income due to dedicating their time to activism, are doing work that would benefit camp, and would be unable to come otherwise. Free Cascadia Camp in Oregon now attracts many of the activists who might previously have applied to BCWC, and there have been fewer applicants. Our dedicated funding source has not provided as many funds as in past years, and camp has had to make up the difference out of general funds. For these reasons we have decided not to offer the Activist scholarship for the 2014 camp.


Need-based scholarship applications can be made at the time of registration (i.e., after you have submitted your registration through the website or by mail) by e-mail to: info@bcwitchcamp.ca with Å“scholarship application in the subject line. Please put your legal name as well any magical or preferred name, and note the amount of scholarship you are requesting, to a maximum of $200. Remember that scholarships are not confirmed until your registration and deposit are received.


Work exchange

Application deadline: June 1, 2014

A limited number of work exchange positions are available as a financial assistance option. Energetic, strong, versatile people required. Working on the team is a service to our community, and fun! Get to know the inner workings of camp!

Work exchange covers 50 percent of the cost of registration.

To apply, please fill out the work exchange application form as part of your registration and submit along with your deposit.

Applications are due by June 1, 2013. All information is kept confidential. Please note that we cannot consider work exchange applications until applicants have also submitted a registration form.

To apply for work exchange, fill out the form here, or use the form attached to the brochure.


Please note: financial assistance is intended to defray part of the cost of camp.  We are unable to offer assistance with transportation costs.


Remember, you must fill out the registration form before applying for financial aid! If you run into any problems please feel free to contact the webmistress at — .