BCWC Org Team Openings!

Teacher Liaison & Fundraising

The five “orgs” are those who make up the Board of Directors of the Witchcamp Society of BC, and together make BCWC possible; currently, a three-year commitment to the team is required. Synnove (Teacher Liaison) and Prism (Fundraising) are completing their three-year commitments at the end of this year’s camp and we are actively seeking applications of interest. Here are brief “job descriptions” to spark your curiosity:

BCWC Teacher Liaison Job Description Summary

  • Responsible for communication with the Teaching Team before and during camp and acts as a liaison between the Teaching Team and the Org Cell.
  • Org member of Teacher Selection Committee.

Primary Responsibilities include (but not limited to):

  • Relay Camp Theme/Story as decided by Visioning group to Teachers (Continuity Teacher may do this, or the story may be set in time for the call for applications, in which case it is in the call letter)
  • Get Teacher Bios and Path Descriptions for Newsletter and Registration Brochure/Launch
  • Responsible for arranging travel, meals, and transportation for pre-camp meetings

BCWC Fundraising Job Description Summary

  • Responsible for fundraising at BCWC and year-round.
  • Communicate with Woo Crew applicants, act as the first point of contact and primary coordinator of Woo Crew participants and activities, in collaboration with the Facilities Org
  • Responsible for organizing and coordinating the Market Place, Funk Trunk, Raffle, Silent Auction, and Talent Show.

If you are interested and want more information regarding the expectations of a member of the Org Cell, please request a copy of “So you Want to Be an Org” from Marie: maccagno.marie@gmail.com

Please direct questions related to the Fundraising role to Prism: gnomeprincess@gmail.com

Questions specific to the role of Teacher Liaison to Synnove: cmgronlund@gmail.com