The Earth and Our Ancestors

*The source of the story below came through Preston as a work of Oracular Art and is rooted in the BCWC 2017 visioning notes. It was then adapted and co-written by Urania, Seraphina, and Preston. Many spirit beings contributed to this story through the human lenses of the BCWC 2017 teaching team. We hope we have honored them with this re-presentation of our collective story.*

Born of the very substance of Earth the first beings emerge molten and spinning from the womb of  Life.

The first beings. Their magnificent forms begin all history. They are the progenitors of what is to come. They have fashioned themselves of every substance into every form, size, shape. Fluid or static, singular, binary or  intersectional.   Thus the Earth was first made live.

Deep in the heart-memory of every land reside their many names in many tongues. The witches might call them Earth Mothers.

For millennia the Ancients form, grow, create, let die and be reborn, perfecting life and its cycles, that the old make way for the new. Ageless and timeless, Their names are embedded into the DNA strand, gravity’s pull and map-less stars. Life moves forward, takes turns and leaps unpredicted. The first humans come. The Earth Mothers watch, surprise a joyful turn. Together, human and divine, take hands, dance the spiral, learn the ways and it passes forward, and the world changes.

Divine becomes singular. Embedded names are lost. Meaning is changed. The Earth Mothers become shadows on water, sparks among the stars. They retreat between the worlds, to the deep earth, across the Sunless Sea, into the wide Otherworlds, watching, knowing, aware of time’s passage. For long centuries They walk the Spiral of Life with eyes half-lidded. Their meditations become whispers on the grass. They wait for something to call them back .

High above the spirals of the deep, high above on the surface, the world  has changed, again. What was frozen, melts. What was lush has become barren. So, the People come together to protect Life.   To reweave the Rivers of Life. Those who are poor clasp hands with those who are rich. Those who pledge their life to nonviolence clasp hands with those who are hired soldiers. People of every color, from every nation rise together in sovereignty and in solidarity to protect Life.

In their hearts they knew they had rewoven the fabrics of the worlds. So as many and as one they spoke:

Out of these remade rivers comes the story of the land, of the bones of all our indigenous ancestors to shatter the illusionary mythic divides of race. Broken are the patterns of assimilation and exclusion. Each of our rivers are different and radical inclusion is our celebration. These rivers feed the tree of life- connecting everyone in genetic diversity with the science of sharing. This is the composting power of Earth.

We gather on the lands of Evan’s Lake for BCWC 2017 to remember the magic of the Earth and learn the lessons that are still alive from The Earth and Our Ancestors. We gather, “In slow time and deep earth we dance with ancestors near and far as we learn to decolonize and reweave cultures of compassion and justice.”