General Information


Evans Lake Forestry Camp is an hour and a half drive from Vancouver, located 15 kilometres north of Squamish BC, in Paradise Valley, on a picturesque mountain lake. The site offers a feeling of seclusion but is serviced with all basic amenities. A map to Evans Lake Forestry Camp will be mailed to registrants with their letter of confirmation, as well as a list of things needed to prepare for camp.


The camp is situated on somewhat hilly terrain and is not conducive to wheelchairs; call or write and talk to us about your concerns. Together we may find a solution.


Carpooling to camp is highly recommended, because of limited parking, and to lessen the impact of cars on the environment. If you can offer a ride, please fill out the information on the registration form. If you need a ride please let us know that, too – we are often able to coordinate rides leaving from Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Seattle and Portland, and occasionally other cities. You can expect to share in the cost of fuel.


We honour the diversity in all people and welcome all races, sexual orientations and differences of life situation, background, and ability that increase our diversity. We accept adults 19 and older; exceptions are occasionally made for mature teens (16-18) with written permission from parents or guardians. We cannot accommodate children at this time.


Yes. However, not in the dining hall or near to where staff resides.


The cabins are centrally located and are electrically heated. The bunk beds have covered mattresses; campers must bring their own sleeping bag or sheets, pillows, and blankets. There are hot showers in the washrooms. A large recreation hall will provide indoor space for rituals when needed (but…let’s think “outdoors”!)

Our washrooms are accessible to all genders. Cabins have no gender designation.

Campers are welcome, upon arrival, to organize and negotiate sharing cabin space with other campers to meet their needs.


There is tenting space in the woods, for people who want private space. The registration fee is the same as for cabins. Space is assigned on a first come, first served basis.


Three delicious meals are served daily in the dining hall with vegetarian and some meat options. We will strive to offer non-dairy and wheat-free meals for those who require it; however, please know that it is not possible for the kitchen staff or within our budget to meet every dietary requirement. For severely restricted diets, please consider bringing supplements to camp meals, and act accordingly. Please complete the Food Section on the registration form. There are no cooking facilities available to campers.

Also it is important to note that the cost of preparing all the varieties of special meals is the primary driver for increased costs and resulting increased camper fees this year. When considering selecting special diets, please make your selections based on physical need rather than preference. In this context, a vegetarian diet that includes eggs and dairy is not considered a special diet.


A vibrant and colourful market reflects the creativity and diversity of our community and provides a lively meeting place each day after dinner. You must be a registered camper to be a vendor. Vendors contribute 13% of all sales and services to our Financial Assistance Fund. The Witches’ Funk Trunk Boutique is a very cool and funky place to shop. Donations of used-but-good ritual wear, costumes, and accessories are welcome.


Again this year, BCWC will include a sacred, private, reservable space for opening to beauty and delight. It is a sex-positive space, the venue for facilitated workshops and events, and more – people can use it as a cuddle space, for massage, etc. The temple organizers do what they can in terms of supplies, but we encourage people to bring what they wish to make this space work for them.


Smoking is limited to designated outside areas. There is no smoking inside any buildings.


We recognize how complex it is to create a truly accessible space for everyone and know it is something that we must constantly discuss, keep emergent  and reconfigure based on our various individual and collective needs. Like all community spaces and gatherings, we are in this together, let’s do this work together too!

  • Be considerate by not wearing fragrances while at Witch Camp, especially in communal spaces. Scents and perfumes cause life-threatening reactions for some members of our community.
  • We know that  many folks use essential oils for medicinal or other health needs. Let’s discuss this based on needs.
  • We know that it is near impossible, and/or inaccessible, for many folks to buy and use only scent free products.
  • If you are allergic or highly sensitive to all scents, let’s work together to make witch camp accessible for you.


The use of cell phones will be limited to designated areas only. Please honour this.


Please notice that the path descriptions include skill level and prerequisite information.

If you are new to the Reclaiming Tradition or to witchcraft in general, know that you are welcome at BCWC. Know also that your experience at camp will be greatly enriched by some preparation before camp. Consider reading “The Spiral Dance” by Starhawk, or visiting and reading the content at



Camp registration fees are set so we cover costs of putting on camp, including planning meetings outside of camp. The fee range last year was a sliding scale of $699-999 CAD or USD and is unlikely to increase significantly. Full details will be posted in early March.

Early Bird Incentive:

This year BCWC will be offering an incentive for early registration. We very much appreciate those who pay their fees early. The BCWC Org cell has to pay a number of deposits and fees ahead of camp. Those early paid registration fees make paying those fees and deposits much easier.


While the use of PayPal has been very successful in helping people pay for camp on time, in prior years it
has cost the camp up to $600 to use PayPal – the cost of sending a whole camper to camp! The referable
method is to register online and send in check(s) or money orders(s). If you choose to use Paypal, we ask
you to consider contributing towards the Paypal fee, which is $20+ per registration (for a total of $719-1019 sliding scale).


Our sliding scale for this year’s camp will be announced in early March.



You have two options for registration:

1. We strongly encourage registration online at our website: At the website you will fill out the registration form online, and can then send a check or money order to the following address:

BCWC, 2031 Abbott Street, Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 1C4.

If you are unable to send a cheque or money order, it is also possible to pay by PayPal. Please keep in mind that BCWC will be charged $20+ for each registration by Paypal, as you may want to adjust your sliding scale payment to help cover the cost.

2. If necessary, you may register using paper and post (snail-mail). The registration form can be found at the end of this document. Payment must be made by money order or personal cheque, and received, to qualify for further financial assistance or work exchange programs.

With either method, you have these options:

1. Pay the total registration fee at the time of registration, or

2. Make a Deposit (minimum of $75.00 CAD or US; due when registering), and pay the balance with 1, 2 or 3 payments.

By mail, include post-dated cheques with your paper registration or after online registration, the final cheque to be dated no later than July 30. Cheques must be postdated the 1st or 15th of the month. Note: NSF cheques will be charged a $15 fee and may result in being put at end of waiting list.



A letter of confirmation with a list of what to bring plus a map to Evans Lake will be sent to registrants starting June 1st and thereafter as registrations are received.


A $75 non-refundable fee will be applied to all cancellations. Cancellations received after July 31 will forfeit the entire payment if the camp is not filled. After August 16 there are no refunds.

See the Financial Assistance page for the types of financial assistance available, as well as how and when to apply.

Your confirmation packet will answer most of your questions! If not, please write us at, or check back here.

BCWC is operated by the Witch Camp of BC Society.