Financial Assistance 2017

The BCWC community is committed to removing financial barriers and making camp accessible to everyone. Thanks to the generosity of campers and the success of fundraising events, there are several types of financial support.

All of the funds raised for scholarships come from Witchcamp participants through generous donations and many unique, wonderful ways we raise money each year, such as the auction during camp, Vancouver Samhain, class tithing and individual donations. We encourage you to organize fundraising events in your home community before camp to raise funds for scholarships.

BC Witchcamp Scholarships (Needs-based financial assistance)

Applications should be submitted when you register and pay a deposit, and will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

BC Witchcamp offers a set number of scholarships based on a budget set well before the start of camp. Campers can apply for up to $200 in scholarship funds. The registrar will contact applicants on receipt of their registration to inform them whether there are still scholarship funds available.

Please note that in order to make a camp experience available to the maximum number of folks, scholarships for campers who have a work exchange position will be limited to $100.

Submit scholarship requests by e-mail to: with “scholarship application” in the subject line. Please put your legal name as well any magical or preferred name, and note the amount of scholarship you are requesting, to a maximum of $200. Remember that scholarships need the initial deposit to seed the effort, and we are thankful for the members of the community who work for, and with, each other to help applicants over that hurdle. Applicants are encouraged to reach out to community members to begin their camp magic with this
first step.

Vancouver Samhain Spiral Dance Scholarships

Activist Scholarship – $400

One of the strengths of Reclaiming is our commitment to bring magick into the world, transforming consciousness. This is a scholarship for those actively involved in transforming local communities and the world. BCWC is a wonderful place for spiritual renewal. This assistance and recognition is open to those who work to create change for individuals and within systems. Application info will be posted here in early March. We will want you to tell us about your personal form of activism, a bit about the benefit of this financial assistance to you, and how coming to camp would enrich your life and your work.

Jeff Hoover Introvert Scholarship – $400

In honour of Jeff Hoover, a beloved BCWC Organizer and Introvert, who passed into the Great Mystery of death in October 2013, a new scholarship…for Witchy Introverts. This is for the introspective ones, who regenerate alone; who feel most alive and inspired in quiet, simple environments; deep thinkers and observers; lovers of authenticity, creativity and spirituality; covert contributors. So often Introverts are over-looked. Here you are seen, you are valued and you are welcome. Let Witchcamp be a place to recharge your batteries. Nature and Magick await you. Application info will be posted in early March. We will ask you to tell us about yourself, a bit about the benefit of this financial assistance to you, and how coming to camp would enrich your life.

Please note, first consideration will be given to new applicants and those not receiving other scholarships.


Work Exchange

Application deadline: June 1, 2018

A limited number of work exchange positions are available as a financial assistance option. Energetic, strong, versatile people required. Working on the team is a service to our community… and fun! Get to know the inner workings of camp!

Work exchange covers 50 percent of the cost of registration. You can also apply for a BCWC scholarship of up to $100.

Click here for the work exchange application. You can fill the form out online and submit it once you have registered and sent a deposit, or you can print it out and send it by mail with your registration & deposit.

Applications are due by June 1, 2018. All information is kept confidential. Please note that we cannot consider work exchange applications until applicants have also submitted a registration form and deposit.

Please note: financial assistance is intended to defray part of the cost of camp. We are unable to offer assistance with transportation costs.