Camp Paths

Paths are workshops or classes we take during camp. You choose/attend a Path during camp. Paths are taken (mostly) every day and start after breakfast and go until just before lunch. It is recommended that you participate in a Path as it will help you to connect with other campers and give you a chance to work with an experienced practitioner. That said, you are not required to join a Path. If you choose you may use your time at camp for self-reflection, solo-practice or simply to enjoy the mountains.

However, as a courtesy to your path-mates and teacher, we ask that once you have committed to being part of a Path you stick with it.

On day one of camp, Path Teachers will give you an overview of each Path and you will choose based on what speaks to you most. You do not need to decide ahead of time.

Elements of Magic – Prerequisite For All Other Paths

‘Elements of Magic Path’ is the first-level, core Reclaiming course or basic magic class/workshop and a prerequisite for all other Paths. This must be completed either before you come or during your first year at camp. You will take this Path instead of any other Path. Elements of magic will cover the basics of magical practice – although individual teachers will teach this slightly differently, the path is intended to introduce you to the 5 sacred elements of life (earth, water, air, fire, and spirit).

The Elements of Magic class will always be offered at Camp – but if you wish, you may take it prior to camp. Elements of Magic is offered elsewhere including as an online course. Once you have taken Elements of Magic you are then welcome to take any other path.

As well, you may also take Elements of Magic if you wish to reacquaint yourself with magic or would like a refresher – it is not only limited to newcomers.

2022 Path Descriptions

Elements of Liberation: Where Flame Calls Us Forth with Irisanya & Tessa

“I will lead you home, I will guide you back, My waters will carry thee, My flame will guide thee.” —“Sea Song from Brid,” Gemma McGowan

We are living through unprecedented times. Times of erosion, breaking down and breaking open. Times of illumination, awakening, and reckoning.  As old ways crumble, the potential to re-imagine ourselves, communities, and relationships emerge.

This is the wisdom of the land and natural law. In letting go,  we make room for the new. Through life and death, we remember. We remember our part, that the Earth’s cycles are our own – by breath, spark, blood, and bone. In spirit. In reciprocation, we can hold each other.

The path of elements is a re-membering, a rekindling with the sacredness of life. With the art of magic, we widen our vision and focus our will, empowering ourselves to act in the world.

In this class, we begin and deepen the practice of Magic, Witchcraft, and Reclaiming by working with the elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. We will encounter and practice visualization, creating magical space, sensing and projecting energy, trance, spellcraft, and structuring rituals. The group experience follows feminist consensus process.

This path will include basic anti-racism skills as part of the magick and will explore how living within colonial culture has created disembodiment and hierarchies of power that shape our relationships. These gatherings will work with the elements as guides to explore how to better align with anti-racist values and be active agents of change in and out of camp. This path is open to people of all genders, races, abilities, and experiences.

Recommendation: We ask that you read/review the first six chapters of “The Spiral Dance” by Starhawk. Also, it can help to look at “Reclaiming Witchcraft” by Irisanya Moon

(This path is an Elements of Magic course and fulfills that prerequisite for future camps.)

Brigid’s Healing Well: Rituals of Resilience and Deep Listening with Bridgid and Alessandra

“Our task is to make trouble, to stir up potent response to devastating events, as well as to settle troubled waters and rebuild quiet places.” – Donna  Haraway,  Staying with the Trouble

We will gather at the water’s edge to do the work of holding, deep listening and healing while “staying with the trouble.” Each morning, we will journey through collective, emergent rituals to peer into the mystery of the well, bond with the unknown, and cultivate shared resilience. Working with deep self and deep time–the speed of stone and still waters–this path will draw on song and poetry, somatic practice and small-group trance, light-aspecting and divination, as well as the wisdom and tools of participants, with space for leadership by elders and crones.

If you think you might want to take this path, we invite you to bring a vessel of water from your home as well as a chalice, a journal, something for scrying and other divination tools such as tarot or runes. Sacred waters and waters of the world are also very welcome.

Pre-requisite: Elements of Magic

Brigid’s Forge: Weaving the Green Mantle with Willow, Sharon and Hilary

Join us in Brigid’s forge for an immersive experience planning and bringing to life the evening rituals for BCWC 2022. We are excited to guide collaboration to a new level as we forge the green mantle of camp, diving into a supportive feedback culture and getting lots of hands-on experience planning and priestexing evening rituals with community at our backs. If you have ritual skills you’d love to share or are just learning about creating rituals, this may be the path for you.

Path participants and teachers are invited to bring their tools to Brigid’s forge and use the smithfire of collective wisdom to create and nurture new ones. We will experience more mentorship opportunities than ever before as we learn, practice and implement the finer points and hidden tips for co-creating engaging, ecstatic rituals. Throughout camp,  teachers and ritualists will offer their experience and wisdom as we broaden access to the center and the edge, fully supporting you in taking roles, and ensuring your success.

The 2022 teaching team will begin the creation of Brigid’s mantle before camp, crafting the first ritual or two along with the arc for the week,  with draft intentions and some possible forms for rituals. These pieces will then be handed off to our path to plan, shape, assign roles and adjust the drafts to create an alloy of community energy as the magic of camp unfolds.

We welcome you in undertaking the magic of forging Brigid’s green mantle in service to the camp, each other, and the sovereignty of the land.

To make our path sustainable and provide solid support to all participants, we are limiting the size of our path. We will be accepting applications for this path from registered campers until July 15, 2022. Information will be shared after registration.

We aspire for the process of creating this path team to be both magical and equitable. We aim to prioritize and centre folks who are often at the margins. This could include those who are Black, Indigenous, people of colour, non-binary, gender-creative, transgender, racialized, disabled, neurodivergant, etc. There is an optional question in regards to this in the application.

Pre-requisite: Elements of Magic