2022 Paths

Path options for 2022 will be announced in the Spring, stay tuned…

Path Details

General Information

Elements of Magic – Prerequisite For All Other Paths

‘Elements of Magic Path’ is the first-level, core Reclaiming course or basic magic class/workshop and a prerequisite for all other Paths. This must be completed either before you come or during your first year at camp. You will take this Path instead of any other Path. Elements of magic will cover the basics of magical practice – although individual teachers will teach this slightly differently, the path is intended to introduce you to the 5 sacred elements of life (earth, water, air, fire, and spirit).

The Elements of Magic class will always be offered at Camp – but if you wish, you may take it prior to camp. Elements of Magic is offered elsewhere including as an online course. Once you have taken Elements of Magic you are then welcome to take any other path.

As well, you may also take Elements of Magic if you wish to reacquaint yourself with magic or would like a refresher – it is not only limited to newcomers.

Camp Paths

Paths are workshops or classes we take during camp. You choose/attend a Path during camp. Paths are taken (mostly) every day and start after breakfast and go until just before lunch. It is recommended that you participate in a Path as it will help you to connect with other campers and give you a chance to work with an experienced practitioner. That said, you are not required to join a Path. If you choose you may use your time at camp for self-reflection, solo-practice or simply to enjoy the mountains.

However, as a courtesy to your path-mates and teacher, we ask that once you have committed to being part of a Path you stick with it.

On day one of camp, Path Teachers will give you an overview of each Path and you will choose based on what speaks to you most. You do not need to decide ahead of time.