No Zombie Auctionpocalypse!

sendawitchHow great was it not to have the live auction at camp these past years? August is coming, scholarships are needed for next year and it’s time to kick up the momentum. After consultation with the orgs, the elements and the bees we must let you know something.
If we don’t raise enough funds through the Send A Witch to Camp fundrazr campaign, or other means before camp starts,  the live auction will rise from the dead to live again on talent night...   
Pledges count!!  Donating through the site is just one way. You can send cheques or paypal donations to Bonnie at earmarked for the scholarship fund, or send a pledge to Russell that you will bring $xxx to camp to hand over at camp. Also there are new perks coming so keep watching.
No Zombie Auctionpocalypse! Keep the live auction dead. Let’s pledge our pennies and help each other have a stress-free Talent Night. 
love and magic,