Paths and Teachers

BCWC is excited to announce the 2018 teaching team: Seraphina Capranos, Willow Kelly, Gwydion Logan, Preston Coyote, Kristen Rawson, Ember, Moss Dance, and Ravenna Soley.

Path themes and partnerships are still in embryonic form. These are magical workings and of course, things may change. Here are the ideas the teaching team is working with:

Seraphina and Ember: the alchemy of ancestral magic

Willow and Ravenna: Priestessing skills and raising energy

Preston and Moss: the magic of animal spirits and shamanistic practices

Gwydion and Kristen: diving deep into the elements of magic


Here are some teacher biographies. These, as well as path descriptions, will be completed by early March in time for registration.


Seraphina Capranos:  I was born on the lands belonging to the Mohawk and Iroquois “tkaronto” meaning “trees standing in the water”, presently known as Toronto.  I’m the first generation to be born in Canada on my mother’s line.

After some time living in the desert of Santa Fe de Nuevo Mexico, I relocated in 2002 to the Coast Salish island xʷənen̕əč, presently known as Salt Spring Island, belonging to the SENĆOŦEN (Coast Salish) peoples where I currently reside.

I’m a hereditary healer and a 3rd generation herbalist-witch passionate about plant medicine, wild animals, island living, and earth magic. I’m committed to witching our world awake through ancestral healing, practices of ecstatic joy & sacred sexuality.

Spending ten years in an intensive Toltec shamanism apprenticeship radically shifted the way I see reality, and helped facilitate a pathway towards a more humble, authentic way of living.  I’m deeply inspired by this year’s intention and look forward to being of service to the land, our ancestors, and our community. I’ve been teaching in the Reclaiming Tradition of magic since 2003 and teaching at witchcamps since 2009. This is will be my 6th opportunity teaching at BCWC.


Moss Dance: I now live in K’omoks Territory on Vancouver Island, but I was born in overlapping territories of the Hodenosaunee, Wendat & Mississauga. My auntie and mother taught me that our ancestors cam

e from Ireland, England, Scotland, France & Holland. Some of them were British Loyalists who landed in what is now called Pennsylvania, and were assisted across the border by the Hodenosaunee (Six Nations) peoples. My ancestors were then “given” stolen Mississauga land by the Canadian government.

My involvement with Reclaiming is still young – I’ve only been involved at BCWC for eight years. Here at home, I have helped organize rituals for our community. I have a lot to learn, and am excited to explore our collective stories & further understand how Reclaiming has emerged as a movement.

I’ve been a witch since I was a child. My main allies are the green bloods and the wild things. I have spent the last two decades of my life working in organic farming, music-making, community building and nature education. Now my heart is deeply engaged in studying herbalism.

I am really honoured to be working magic with the BCWC teaching team, and can’t wait to be there with all of you!



Kristen Rawson: I live south of Portland Oregon very near the Willamette Falls. I was not born here, but this is the place I call home.  In this place, the band of Clackamas Chinook called Clowwewalla once lived on the banks of the Willamette River downstream from the falls, known then as Hyas Tyee Tumwater (Great Chief Waterfall).  Several tribes fished just below the falls including the Kalapuya and Molalla; it was a place of gathering and trading and sometimes fighting.

Today the Clackamas Chinook, Kalapuya and Molalla no longer exist as separate tribal entities. Their descendants are part of the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde, a community of five tribes (Kalapuya, Molalla, Umpqua, Chasta, and Rogue River) that preserve a common culture far from this place, their traditional lands.

I’ve been a witch all of my life and found a home in Reclaiming about 10 years ago.
I’m a transgender activist, teacher, relationship coach, and artist. I read Tarot and talk to dead people. I’m an edgewalker, shining light into the dark places and celebrating the shadows.
This is my first year teaching at BC Witchcamp and I’m excited and honored to be doing this desperately ne
eded magic with you!!


Preston Vargas:  I live in the ancestral lands of the many Wintun and Patwin peoples. Today, some of these peoples are known to us as Coast Miwok and Suisun. I honor their ancestors. And I thank the spirits of place for joining me in right relationship. This land is the northeastern shore of the San Francisco Bay. Yet my place of birth is in the lands of my grandmother’s ancestral people, the Wampanoag, “People of the First Light.”

So, though I live on the coast of the Pacific, the soil of Massachusetts and the waters of Cape Cod periodically draw me back.   My bio-cultural heritage combines African American, Cape Verdean, Portuguese, Wampanoag, Irish, West Indian, and much more. Yet my identity is something else.

I am Preston Vargas. I am a Reclaiming witch and priest-ess. I tend ancestral Egun pots in Ifa. I am a mesa carrier. I am a black man. A queer man. I am an anti-oppression scholar and activist. I am an artist of the spirits.

I undulate in the rhythms of co-creation with the gods, ancestors, spirits, animals, plants, humans, devas, and our shadows to heal our fragmented selves and communities. As a storyteller and oracular artist, I am sensitive to the unheard stories of not only people but the other-than-human world as well. And I enjoy exploring how humans navigate through the lenses of their own experiences, engage their creative talents, and re-present these stories for healing and transformation.

And after working for over a decade in mental health and substance abuse counseling I have developed a dynamic balance of being of service and playfully enjoying the richness of life.

I have been practicing magic and facilitating group rituals for 20 years. My ancestors are ever present in my journey. My ritual practice is a blend of witchcraft, shamanic inspiration, ancestral medicine training, hoodoo, sorcery, and Fey magic. It is interwoven with the knowledge I developed in my postgraduate degrees in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness as well as Transformative Studies. And the gifts I offers from my training in indigenous ancestral healing traditions are tempered with healing justice, my awareness of privileged power dynamics and my commitments to anti-oppression. I am imperfect and ever-growing. And overall, I believe that the actions we make can stretch backward in time to heal the wounds of all our relations and stretch forward in time to manifest the best possible worlds for our future descendants.

I am honored to be invited to witness and share in the pivotal work happening here at BCWC. And I am grateful to be here with all of you. In Love, Preston Vargas, M.A. CATC