Fragrance Free

“In slow time and deep earth ….

Achieving a Fragrance Free Camp in 2017

BCWC has been a Fragrance Free Camp

It’s not something we’ve spent a lot of time talking about.  We’ve worked the issues in the smaller circles, in our personal cauldrons, and in many unobtrusive ways.  This is the year we step it up.  Creating a healthy environment throughout the camp, for everyone, is a high priority.  We can do this now, as more information on products, and product ingredients, are coming out; as our awareness of our own health and bodily responses, is getting attuned; and, as unscented products are becoming more readily available.

The Healing we expect to create and nourish at camp springs from our intensive magicks, and from the magic of our intentions.  It flourishes first, here, as we educate ourselves and prepare those things that we will carry to camp. These create the physical container we share, imbuing the camp, the water, the air we breathe, and ultimately, our bodies, with love.

Sensitivities, Allergies and toxic load

Hives, confusion, dizziness, coughing/trouble breathing, migraines, vomiting, and/or seizures are all potential symptoms that result from exposure to chemicals and fragrances.

Many susceptible people share our camp and circles.  Many others simply haven’t built up the toxins in their bodies to a point where symptoms start.  Avoiding chemicals and fragrances as a whole help keep the community in the wonderful and exciting place of magic that we build each year.  Avoiding health flare ups in camp mean that everyone gets to move through the camp story together; each fulfilling, to the greatest extent possible, their emotional, magical, spiritual and physical intention for the week.  Avoiding scents is one way we do that.

It’s easy to imagine that allergies and sensitivities are immediately apparent.  Keep in mind that for some people, especially those with challenged immune systems, toxins can actually build up in the body over the week.  The reaction may not be apparent until later in the week, or even after they leave.  That’s why we ask that scented products are not even transported to camp. In cosmetics, soap and shampoo, even bedding, the troubling chemicals can slowly creep in and build up in a person’s body until failure points are reached.  Even in ritual, it’s not uncommon for people to have to leave, to step out due simply to chemicals in personal products that most wouldn’t even notice.

Sourcing Unscented Products

At Camp, there will be a product table for purchasing small amounts of unscented products (soaps, shampoo and conditioner).  We will be making available unscented handwashes  in the sink areas for those who want to try them, or run out of their own, and we’ll have time available to talk with knowledgeable witches on how to achieve “fragrance free” in lifestyle, and place.

Before the larger outdoor rituals, we’ll be providing a “bug repellent station” where folks can stop and share unscented products and essential oils, creating a small footprint for the time and application of products.  that in conjunction with having a plan for where in the large circle sensitive people can stand, we hope will leave us unbitten and unscented  even among our tiny mosquito relatives.

Fragrance Free Educational Resources This article is good for the explanation of how fragrance affects the brain, and statistics. This article provides a good list of products’ examples. talks about real sensitivities and real people  provides a good discussion of dealing with mosquitoes

It’s in the details

The community has been sharing and talking about achieving an unscented camp on Facebook and the Yahoo groups.  Look for opportunities there for learning more and getting yourself ready.  Some helpful hints that have already come up.

  • Start early.  Unscented laundry soap for clothes and bedding needs to appear in your toolbox a couple of washings before camp.
  • Talk about product use as we move forward.   Follow, and get involved, in the discussions on social media.
  • Talk about product use at camp.  Watch the grid for available offerings. Let’s create our own community lab.  Making sure we use the right products, at the right times and locations is something we will need to work on together. If people helping to form up ritual circles don’t bring up where the wind is coming from, where sensitive people are, or when we might be going inside, feel free to ask.  This hive belongs to all of us.
  • Seek out the people who will be making themselves available at camp to learn more, to ask questions you might have, or to share lessons you’ve learned.  If you want to reach out early, or have questions, you can contact Lily Glade Sparx (